• Conservation groups sue Forest Service for logging proposal near Yellowstone National Park
    Daily Montanan – Three conservation groups have filed a lawsuit seeking to stop a United States Forest Service plan for a large logging project near Yellowstone National Park that they say puts several threatened or endangered species in even more danger. The groups said that the Forest Service is refusing to identify the locations, timing … Read more
  • Forest Service plans to clear-cut in the Monongahela National Forest
    West Virginians worry it’s a return to the state’s destructive logging past. Fayette Tribune – The U.S. Forest Service has proposed to clear-cut and burn a number of areas of the Monongahela National Forest near the Upper Cheat River — 3,463 acres of trees in all. The Forest Service says that it seeks to make the forest more resilient … Read more
  • Environmental Assessment Due in September
    We spoke with Tim Reed, U.S. Forest Service Stearns District Ranger and decision-maker on the Jellico Mountains Vegetative Management Project. He said we should expect the Environmental Assessment in September. They are following the NEPA Process and will provide a 30-day official comment period. Watch this space.
  • Reversing the worst impacts of the NEPA rollbacks – The Council on Environmental Quality released its phase II proposed rule for the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This is the final proposed rule in a multi-phase process to remedy harmful changes made under the Trump administration. NEPA is our bedrock environmental law requiring the federal government to engage with communities and take … Read more
  • More than Half a Million People Call on Forest Service to Protect Mature, Old-Growth Forests and Trees – More than 528,000 submitted comments to the U.S. Forest Service about protecting mature and old-growth trees and forests from logging on federal land as a cornerstone of U.S. climate policy. “The public wants the nation’s mature forests and trees to be protected from the chainsaw, and with good reason,” said Garett Rose, senior attorney … Read more
  • U.S. has inventoried old-growth forests. Will protection be next?
    Washington Post – The federal government estimated that more than 100 million acres of old-growth and mature timberlands are still standing on public lands. The findings are the result of a year-long review ordered last year by President Biden and are likely to inflame tensions with the timber industry over which forests should remain unlogged. But they … Read more
  • Forest Service Is Dragging Its Feet On Protecting Ancient Trees From Logging
    HuffPost — Critics say it is time for the White House to make demands of the Forest Service instead of letting the agency advance pro-logging policies. On Earth Day last year, President Joe Biden signed an executive order aimed at protecting and restoring mature and old-growth forests on federal lands across the country. The order … Read more
  • Forest Service Fiscal 2024 Budget Justification
    This publication summarizes the fiscal year (FY) 2024 Budget for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA Forest Service’s mission is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the nation’s forests and grasslands to meet the needs of present and future generations. The 2024 Forest Service Budget request for discretionary appropriations is $9.7 … Read more
  • Plans for Jellico Mtn. logging project remain unchanged, but maybe not for long
    The News Journal – Basically, it’s not the fact that the logging job is being proposed that has people so upset. It’s more about the overall scope of the job, which will span about four decades and include a considerable amount of clearcutting. I am concerned about the long-term negative effects that could result from … Read more
  • New Report: Taxpayers Lost $1.7 Billion from Money-Losing Timber Sales in the Tongass
    Since 1980, the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) has lost more than $1.7 billion on timber sales in the Tongass National Forest, according to a new report by Taxpayers for Common Sense. “It actually costs taxpayers millions to ‘sell’ timber that we collectively own, which makes no sense,” said Autumn Hanna, vice president of Taxpayers for … Read more
  • Valuing the forest can’t be left to the market – Under what insane set of values are lifeless, horizontal logs priced higher than living, vertical trees? How can it make economic sense to run down one of the world’s most important climate stabilisers, water pumps and cooling systems for the sake of a quick buck, burgers and gold trinkets? The answers to these three … Read more
  • Damaging logging operations on federal public lands costs U.S. taxpayers nearly $2 billion each year
    A May 2019 report by the Center for Sustainable Economy says thelogging program on federal forests continues to lose money for U.S. taxpayers in the range of $1.5 to $2.0 billion per year. Each year, the U.S. Forest Service authorizes logging of roughly 3 billion board feet of timber – equivalent to 650,000 full log … Read more
  • Conservation groups sue Forest Service for evading analysis and disclosure of commercial thinning projects’ environmental impacts
    WildEarth Guardians – Conservation organizations WildEarth Guardians and Oregon Wild filed a lawsuit challenging the U.S. Forest Service’s misuse of an agency regulation to evade its obligation to analyze and disclose the environmental impacts of three projects on the Fremont-Winema National Forest in Oregon. The organizations allege the Forest Service violated the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) … Read more
  • The Forest Service Not Only Loses Money Logging, It Makes Fires Worse – Some reporters still mistakenly write that commercial logging makes money for the Forest Service. It doesn’t — and this is an important issue because citizens need to know that politicians are actually sacrificing the public’s national forest resources and billions of federal tax dollars to enable the private profit of the timber industry. Adding to … Read more
  • Log and burn? Or let it be? The fight over the future of Hoosier National Forest
    Kentucky Lantern – Last month, the Biden administration announced a plan for new regulations to enhance “climate resilience” in those forests. It was a follow-up to a first-of-its-kind inventory ordered by Biden that showed mature and old-growth forests make up 60 percent, or 112 million acres, of the forests managed by the Forest Service and … Read more
  • Protect Our Climate Forests
    America’s mature and old-growth forests — natural climate solutions that remove and absorb large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere — could win stronger protections if enough people weigh in to urge federal agencies to act. Please urge the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to issue a rule protecting climate forests. The agencies are focused on … Read more
  • Mills cutting pulpwood orders cause ‘world of hurt’ for loggers
    Bangor Daily News – Mills cut back pulpwood orders within the past couple months, citing global market conditions, soft demand for certain papers and high inventories. It is a reversal of the booming business last summer. Leslie Pepper, a logger in Maine for 36 years, has to call each Monday morning to see if the … Read more
  • RISE Eastern Standard Documentary on NPR
    The 8th episode of RISE, the Eastern Standard documentary series, focuses on a proposed US Forest Service logging project in the Jellicos, part of the Cumberland Mountains in the Daniel Boone National Forest on the Kentucky-Tennessee border. As proposed, the project would clear cut stands of old-growth trees on 10,000 acres over 40 years. Presenting … Read more
  • Protecting old-growth forests best way to fight climate change
    Albuquerque Journal – During my 35 years working for the U.S. Forest Service, I learned about the “law of holes” the hard way. The first law: if you’re in a hole, stop digging. The second: when you stop digging, you’re still in a hole. The U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management stopped digging … Read more
  • Log and Burn, or Leave Alone?
    Indiana Residents fight the U.S. Forest Service over the future of Hoosier National Forest. The mighty, valuable oak is at the center of a conflict between federal officials and logging opponents over how to manage mature forests in an era of climate change. The Forest Service has more than 20 projects underway like the Hoosier … Read more