Whitley County Leaders Speak Up

Special thanks to our Whitley County leaders who have submitted official comments to the Forest Service regarding the Jellico Mountains logging project.

Representative Nick Wilson

Kentucky House of Representatives, District 82, Whitley & Laurel

As the State Representative of Whitley County, I urge you to reconsider your decision to clear cut this large area. I grew up in these hollers. My grandparents live on Jellico Creek; my mom grew up in Kinsee Holler; my childhood and teen years were spent hiking and 4-wheeling Gatliff Mountain. These woods are our culture and our home. I want a trail that I can take my son side-by-side riding. He deserves the opportunity to fall in love with Appalachian nature the same way I did. The actions you take on federal land affects our privately owned land more than you know. I believe I speak for a vast majority of the constituency here when I beg you to discontinue this project or compromise on the amount of our land you will harm. The thought of the federal government using our tax dollars to destroy Appalachia is very upsetting. (link)

Judge Executive Pat White, Jr.

Whitley County Fiscal Court

I oppose any clear cutting of the national forest lands. These lands are the property of the general public and should be managed in a way that is in their best interests. I am from a wood industry background with family members who made their livelihood that way for generations. Select cutting is a far superior method of forest management that my family has long employed successfully on our own properties. (link)

OUR THANKS TO THESE TWO LEADERS for standing up for the citizens and forests in Whitley County.

Three days left to submit your comments! Friday, May 24 is the last day!

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