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Jellico Vegetation Management Project #63037 (Jellico Project)


The United States Forest Service (USFS) is proposing a large project of logging, spraying, and road work over the next 40 years through the year 2064.

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Treatments would occur on 9,800 9,537 acres (15.3 14.9 square miles) across 256 252 stands in the Jellico Mountain area of Daniel Boone National Forest in Whitley and McCreary Counties in southern Kentucky.



The USFS says most of the Jellico Mountain area is trending towards mature forest. “While desired structures, species compositions, and age classes occur in mature forest, the biodiversity provided by young (0-30 years old) and mid-aged (31-80 years old) forest is being lost.” The Jellico Project is to “counteract this loss and increase project area biodiversity by providing a mix of habitat for flora and fauna.”




Timber harvest methods include clearcut, two-aged shelterwood, deferment harvest, thinning, and salvage. Vegetation treatments include crop tree release, midstory removal, undesirable species removal (e.g. red maple), grape vine control, and invasive species eradication (native and non-native species). Treatments would use chainsaws, brush cutters, machine-mounted saws, herbicides, etc.



The Stearns Ranger District of the Daniel Boone National Forest (DBNF) is managing the Jellico Vegetation Management Project. They are part of the United States Forest Service under the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Forest Service is legally required to balance five uses: recreation, timber, range, wildlife, and water.

Tim Reed, the District Ranger of the Stearns Ranger District, Daniel Boone National Forest, is the Responsible Official for this proposal. The Responsible Official will decide whether to implement the proposed action.

For additional information on the project, please contact John Hull at or by calling 606-376-5323.

Tim Reed and John Hull are good guys just doing their jobs. They are smart, professional, and caring for the forests they manage. Please treat them with courtesy and respect.


The proposed action comprises silvicultural treatments and road work over the next 40 years, from approximately 2024 to 2064.

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