Concerned citizens of Whitley County created this website to share information about the Jellico Vegetation Management Project (#63037) by the U.S. Forest Service to log 9,800 9,537 acres of Daniel Boone National Forest in Whitley and McCreary counties in southern Kentucky. We are not affiliated with the U.S. Forest Service, logging companies, or preservation groups.

We are not anti-logging. We understand that logging and other treatments — when done the right way in the right places with followup care — can improve forest health, reduce fire danger, and remove invasive species.

However, we are concerned with the size and scope of this project, its impact on old-growth forests and wildlife, clear cutting, herbicide use, and the potential for erosion, landslides, flooding, noise, traffic, and lights in our community.

Our mission is to provide information to affected residents, so they can provide informed feedback to the U.S. Forest Service, to help ensure this project truly benefits the forest, wildlife, and community, including the use of local businesses and labor.

Information on this website is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but is provided “as-is” for illustrative purposes only. Please contact us with any errors or copyright violations. For the official record, consult the U.S. Forest Service project documentation.