Friday is last day to submit comments on Jellico Project

McCreary Voice — More than a dozen people attended a McCreary County public meeting in Stearns, KY on Tuesday to learn about the US Forest Service (USFS) Environmental Assessment for a proposed project to log almost 10,000 acres in Whitley and McCreary Counties.

“I’m concerned about many elements of this project and its effect on the community,” said McCreary resident, Jonah Neal.  “Major concerns of mine, as well as my fellow residents in the area, include major flooding, landslides, and impacts on the wildlife and endangered species. I also believe the project should create economic impacts for the local communities by creating campgrounds, hiking, and riding trails, and using local loggers which this project does not provide. However, I want to thank the Forest Service for their continued involvement in listening to the community and hope to continue this positive dialogue.”

“Your past 324 comments in November 2022 are the only reason the Forest Service created Alternative 1, which is way better than their Proposed Action,” said community organizer Theresa Martin. “Tell them what you think. It doesn’t have to be fancy or long. Say it in your own words. You know these mountains and what they mean to you. We only have [two] days left to comment, until Friday, May 24. And then it’s over. The Forest Service is waiting and listening.”

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