Community feedback utilized in alternative plans for proposed logging project

The News Journal — by Trevor Sherman — After another town hall meeting in Williamsburg last week, community members are once again being tasked with letting U.S. Forest Service officials know their thoughts on proposed logging work in the Jellico Mountain region of the Daniel Boone National Forest.

This time, however, previous input from a 2022 public comment period has led to the introduction of an alternative plan that takes a big step toward the Forest Service and local residents being able to find some common ground.

As reported in the May 1 edition of the News Journal, the newly proposed action by the Forest Service does relatively little to change the overall scope that was originally intended. While some of the clearcutting has been reduced, the overall acreage is still roughly the same and a timeline of 40 years is still suggested.

There are two alternatives, however. Alternative two, which most in attendance at last week’s meeting felt would ultimately not be adopted, would basically see no action taken at all. Everything would be left as-is, and zero acres would be logged.

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