Timber harvests climb in national forests

Politico Pro – The Forest Service harvested more timber in fiscal 2023 than it has for years, but still fell short of the agency’s annual target. National forests yielded 2.9 billion board feet of cut timber, and 3.1 billion board feet in sales, the Forest Service said.

Timber industry groups said the numbers reflect progress as the Forest Service relies in part on cutting trees to reduce wildfire risks where officials contend forests are overgrown.

However, the Forest Service’s embrace of logging in some of the most-harvested lands sparked objections from environmental groups that say doing so violates the Biden administration’s own goal of protecting mature and old-growth forests as a climate strategy.

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Here are the timber sales for the Daniel Boone National Forest:

Cut and Sold (New)
Cumulative FY 2023 Q1 to FY 2023 Q4


Sold Number – 227
Sold Volume (MBF) – 11,287.99
Sold Volume (CCF) – 20,770.90
Sold Value ($) – 837,450.44
Cut Volume (MBF) – 309,244.94
Cut Volume (CCF) – 616,960.85
Cut Value ($) – 932,455.16

MBF = 1,000 Board Feet of lumber
CCF = 100 Cubic Feet of lumber


Unit of Measure – Lbs
Sold Number – 9
Sold Quantity – 83
Sold Value ($) – 180.00
Cut Quantity – 83
Cut Value ($) – 180.00

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