Kentucky Heartwood

Kentucky Heartwood is a national forest watchdog group that “seeks to protect and restore the integrity, stability, and beauty of Kentucky’s native forests and biotic communities through research, education, advocacy, and community engagement.”

Kentucky Heartwood is the only organization in Kentucky focused on protecting public lands. ​The 501(c)3 non-profit organization was formed in 1992 by people concerned about logging, mining, and off-road vehicles in Daniel Boone National Forest.

“We advocate for the greatest protections of Kentucky’s public lands, with the twin values of protecting and restoring ecological integrity and a reverence and respect for wild nature as our guiding principles. Through public education, outreach, forest monitoring, and the suite of administrative and legal avenues of public participation and recourse, Kentucky Heartwood continues our tradition of effective advocacy.”

Kentucky Heartwood recently filed a lawsuit challenging a similar logging operation by the U.S. Forest Service in the South Red Bird area of Daniel Boone National Forest in Leslie and Clay counties.

We likely would have never heard about the Jellico Project if it wasn’t for a newsletter we received from Kentucky Heartwood. The authors of this website are not affiliated with Kentucky Heartwood except as donors.