The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) comment period closed on December 5, 2022. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a comment. Your opinion matters!


The USFS values public participation and encourages comments on this project to “help us make the right decisions for the good of the land and the public we serve.”

All communication from the public regarding the Jellico Mountain Project, including commenters’ names and contact information, will become part of the public record. Providing your contact information is optional; however, anonymous comments will not provide standing to object.

Comments, including anonymous comments, will be accepted by the USFS at any time. However, comments posted after the December 5, 2022 deadline will likely not be considered in the final project planning.

Tips on Commenting

Useful comments should provide relevant and new information with sufficient detail, be within the scope of the proposed project plan, have a direct relationship to the plan, and include supporting reasons for the USFS to consider. These are referred to as “specific comments.” For example:

I am against clear cutting and would like to see significantly less clear cutting of all 3 kinds. I am not against the Forest Service managing the land to remove invasive species and diseased trees. Even selective cutting can make sense in some cases. However, the amount of clear cutting in this plan is about 5,000 acres using 3 types of harvest methods. This is excessive. Clear cutting on this many acres will increase the already frequent flooding problems, degrade the water supply, lead to erosion, landslides and destroy habitat for wildlife.”

Non-specific comments become part of the public record, but the USFS will not consider them in its project planning. These include comments outside the scope of the project, comments that lack sufficient specificity or supporting rationale, or comments that appear as a “vote” (the USFS comment process is not about voting). For example, the USFS will not consider this comment:

I do not support this project at all. It is not in the best interest of the community. I vote no.”

Comment Now to Object Later

IMPORTANT! To have standing in the final objection process later, you must submit specific comments that include your name and address to the USFS by December 5, 2022.

The pre-decisional objection process allows the Reviewing Officer, the Responsible Official, Objectors, and Interested Persons to have open communication, to understand issues, and to consider resolution, which aligns with the Forest Service’s collaborative approach to forest management. Considering public concerns before a final decision is made increases the likelihood of resolving those concerns, resulting in better, more informed decisions.

In order to object later, individuals and entities must submit specific comments to the USFS during this commenting period. Also note your objections later must be based on issues raised in your comments now, so be sure to include all your concerns in your specific comment.

SUBMIT A COMMENT TO THE USFS (comment period closed)